April 21, 2017

Gunjan Pai, narrates her experience with Pinwi

“I totally dig Pinwi!” – says Gunjan Pai, writer and mother of 6 year old boy. She narrates her experience as she discovered Pinwi step by […]
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April 11, 2017
Mukta_Naik_shares_views_Modern Parenting

Is modern parenting still limited to traditional ways?

Mukta Naik – Mom Investor with Pinwi shares her thought process of disrupting the age old Parenting formulae, with innovative and modern methods. Here is an […]
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March 31, 2017
Kanchan Shine Pinwi Review

Kanchan Shine shares her Pinwi experience as a parent

Entrepreneur and a mother of two, Kanchan Shine recently downloaded Pinwi. Team Pinwi reached out to her to get a first person account of her experience […]
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