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April 11, 2017
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Gunjan Pai, narrates her experience with Pinwi

“I totally dig Pinwi!” – says Gunjan Pai, writer and mother of 6 year old boy. She narrates her experience as she discovered Pinwi step by step, bit by bit.

Parenting today is packed with possibilities, yet its boggling. I often find myself torn between the different things my child loves. They seem to change every day and I cannot put a finger on why?

My child loves his books and I think he will become a writer like me. When he looks dapper in his navy uniform, I wonder if he will follow my husband’s footsteps. Perhaps he will take on our musical leanings and become a singer. Or will he discover something unique and blaze a trail of his own?

One thing is certain. I want to help him identify interests and guide him to develop them. Recently, I stumbled upon a unique parenting tool that helps me do just that.

Pinwi (for Play-Interest-Wise) is an interactive app that “helps me map and manage my son’s ever-evolving interests in an impartial way”. They’ve made it simple to do this on a daily basis and actually get real insights on what he likes. It’s built on an interactive ask-listen model that is totally in line with my parenting style.

Once I am on the app…

A bunch of intuitive icons help me find my way and check out what’s possible. I can schedule my son’s activities on a simple monthly and weekly calendar – activities at school or after-school. This is among my favourite browsing sections. From Enrichment Activities such as Holiday Camps or Voluntary Work to Sports and Fitness Options such as Water or Equestrian Sports, the plethora is fun to see. Its clear someone gave time, energy and thought putting together such an exhaustive list of categories and activities.

After I fill in my son’s activity schedule…

My son rates different activities on a scale from 1 to 10 to highlight what he enjoys and what he doesn’t. If brain games are his thing, then he rates it 9 on 10. Likewise, if calligraphy does not interest him, he rates it 4 on 10. After my son puts in his preferences, Pinwi starts creating insights. It took me about 5 days before the Insights finally started populating but the report sections kept me on my toes with how we were progressing. Once the insights were unlocked it became really interesting.

The Insights analysed my son’s responses to different activities and spelt out in different sections – what exhilarates him, what amuses him and so on.

It also defined what fails to excite him, which was good to know. I also got to see an average rating for each activity in the report. Was pleasantly surprised to see “Gymnastics”, which I thought was not really his thing, had an average 8.3. I thought overall the report gave me really smart data. In fact, the more activities I filled and my son rated, I realised the insights got better.

The best part about the app comes now…

Basis what my son likes and enjoys, or should I say “what delights him”, Pinwi recommended activities. Research-based inputs helped me by suggesting activities more attuned to his interests. My son’s interests reflected Logical Thinking in top bucket. Against that Pinwi recommended a bunch of categories with activities that nurture and involve logical thinking. Everything from Reasoning & Thinking Skills to Puzzles, Brain Games and Constructions and Experiments such as Mechano or Lego were reccomended. I was so delighted to see the wide range of activities – some were obvious and some I would have never thought of myself.

The other interesting thing I found was the unexplored interests – “Interests I have never exposed my child to”, the app said. Taste & Smell – was on top of that list and its no surprise because I have never introduced my son to activities like Cooking, or Bread Craft. Though I am thinking twice now. It would be nice to have him whip up a sandwich or two for me, just for fun!!

It doesn’t end here. I can find more parents, and accept requests and expand my network to find more children like mine. That’s the joy!

I totally dig Pinwi…

Only time can tell what my child will finally be. For now, I am content to have an app that can help me manage and nurture his interests as they shift, change, grow and evolve, without bringing my bias into play.

Pinwi is available to download on App Store and Play Store.
Team Pinwi
Team Pinwi
PiNWi is a smart parenting tool to keep up with children's ever-evolving interests. The team at PiNWi regularly write about the leading thoughts that drive their core philosophy and the ideas behind their interest mapping solution.

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