A Revolutionary idea

PiNWi stands for play-interest-wise and is an innovative data driven mobile app that helps parents map and manage what drives their children’s interest. It is a brand new way to positively influence child development by improving decision making for parents.

Listen to your Children

Children’s interests are driven by what makes them happy. The easiest way to know what makes children happy is to “ask” them. PiNWi is all about helping you listen to children on a daily basis through a gamified interactive interface.

The app receives data self-reported by children through this interface and uses a research-backed interest-mapping model to examine this data and generate useful. Here is how PiNWi works

Useful Insights. Interactive Reports.

Presented in an interactive-report format, PiNWi insights throw light into interests that exhilarate children, interests that generally amuse them, and interests they find totally unexciting. The insights also showunexplored interests, interests they have never helped their children explore. PiNWi insights are realistic, reliable and real-time as they use data received directly from children not once but consistently over a period of time.

Interests we Map

PiNWi maps interests across 17 factors that have been identified based on months of intense secondary research and understanding of what frames our interests.

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Social interaction
Interest in doing things that involve interacting with others and functioning and coordinating in a team.
Self Engagement
Interest in doing things that involve engaging with oneself instead of interacting with others.
Physical Action
Interest in doing things that involve using physical and bodily movements and reflexes.
Working With Hands
Interest in doing or making things that involve skillfully using one's hands.
Spoken Communication
Interest in expressing, communicating and understanding through the spoken word.
Written Communication
Interest in expressing, communicating and understanding through the written word.
Visual Sense
Interest in thinking, responding, expressing and understanding things visually.
Aural Sense
Interest in thinking, responding, expressing and understanding things aurally.
Taste Smell
Interest in things that involve receptiveness and sensitivity to taste & smell.
Logical Thinking
Interest in doing things that involve analysing, reasoning, strategising and problem solving.
Numerical Thinking
Interest in thinking, comprehending, visualising and understanding things numerically.
Conceptual Thinking
Interest in thinking, experimenting, inventing and innovating new concepts.
Creative Expression
Interest in thinking, imagining, communicating and expressing through creative and artistic mediums.
Nature Environment
Interest in things that involve receptiveness and sensitivity towards nature & environment.
Care & Compassion
Interest in doing things that involve helping and caring for people and the community.
Knowledge & Learning
Interest in doing things to know and learn more about the world, its people, their ideas, views and experiences.
Thrill & Adventure
Interest in doing and exploring things that offer an adrenaline rush and help gain a sense of accomplishment.

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A Passionate Team

PiNWi is created and owned by Hatch Tact Innovations Pvt. Ltd – a company focused on creating data-driven innovations. Founded in February 2015, it is backed by a passionate team of like-minded professionals who collaborate on innovative business solutions to create value for people and communities by empowering their decision-making.

Anita Vasudeva

Anita Vasudeva

Leadership Mentor

Anita is a senior coach and consultant for leadership development, personal and organisational growth, diversity and inclusion, culture and values. Long years in the corporate world were followed by prolific entrepreneurship. She is the co-founder of Conscious Development, and an independent writer and editor.

Ankit Kesarwani

Ankit Kesarwani


An SRCC, IIMB Alumnus, Ankit has been in the financial market for over 15 years. He joined hands with Rachna to co-found and start-up PiNWi purely driven by the potential of a data-driven innovation in the child development space and the impact it can create in this ever-growing market.

Dr. Namrata Goyal

Dr. Namrata Goyal

Consulting Psychologist

A PhD in Cultural and Developmental Psychology from The New School of Social Research in New York, Dr. Namrata joined PiNWi to oversee the ongoing research, its methodology and the analysis of data. Along with published papers in her area of research, she brings on board her teaching experience in Developmental Psychology, Advanced Statistics and Research Design.

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