Know Your Child Interest
Children are happier when they play interest wise.
Children’s Interest
Parents seek new ways to know their children’s interests
Schedule your Children Activity
Parents use PiNWi to schedule all activities their children do
Children Interest
Children rate these activities to self-report what makes them happy
Use Pinwi to Keep up with Children’s Interest
They continue to use PiNWi to keep up with their children’s ever-evolving interests and make smarter, interest-focused choices.
How Pinwi Works
Pinwi – Interest Mapping Model
PiNWi’s interest-mapping model examines children’s rating data
How to Manage Child Interest
Parents now use interest-based recommendations to explore activities for their children
Identify Child Interest
These personalised insights help parents understand what drives their children’s interests
What’s in it for Children
The interest patterns found in activities children consistently rate higher are used to generate insights