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March 31, 2017
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April 21, 2017
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Is modern parenting still limited to traditional ways?

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Mukta Naik – Mom Investor with Pinwi shares her thought process of disrupting the age old Parenting formulae, with innovative and modern methods.

Here is an excerpt from her blog discussing modern day parenting!

As our children grow, we struggle to keep the balance between using parental authority and encouraging independent thought. We feel frustrated when the methods our parents used with us fail to engage our children. We worry about safety, education quality and how to nurture talent and inculcate good behaviour even as we watch over ourselves closely, judging our parenting in terms of successes and failures of our children. All of this comes to a head when our children are ready for higher education.

About her decision to invest in Pinwi, she says,

I should have known that today’s data-rich, tech-savvy world would have a solution for my problems. In my case, the solution was closer to home than expected. When my dear friend Rachna came up with the idea of an app that would map children’s interest by asking them how they felt about the activities in their regular routines, I was truly excited by the possibilities! As her idea shaped up and Pinwi was born, I decided to come on board as a mom investor in addition to my involvement in terms of ideas and feedback.

You can read the full blog here!


Pinwi is available to download on App Store and Play Store.
Team Pinwi
Team Pinwi
PiNWi is a smart parenting tool to keep up with children's ever-evolving interests. The team at PiNWi regularly write about the leading thoughts that drive their core philosophy and the ideas behind their interest mapping solution.

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