Use Pinwi Activity App
When children use PiNWi to rate activities, they earn points
Rate Pinwi App to earn Points
The more consistently they come back to rate the more points they earn
Safe Social Network of Pinwi
The daily access to their safe social network is also unlocked when they rate
Buddies on Pinwi
This helps them safely connect with their buddies on PiNWi
Use Pinwi to Unlock Fun Features
Children continue to rate activities on PiNWi to unlock these fun features
What’s in it for Children
Use Pinwi App to Share Text, Voice and Images
Children now use PiNWi post cards to share text, voice and image posts with their buddies
Help Parents in Children Activity Planning
This helps when their parents have to plan new activities for them
Pinwi – App for Tracking Friends Activity
Seeing what their buddies are doing,children can add activities to their wishlist
These posts help children inspire,influence and encourage each other