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October 15, 2016
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October 19, 2016
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Why we think parents need help understanding their children’s interests?

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Children are over scheduled these days. Apart from school, they spend between 5 to 12 hours every week doing other activities. These activities are generally focused on either their academic enrichment or to help them build skills and knowledge. Usually parents scout for activities for their children based on information available on parent forums, through online resources, recommendations they receive from other parents or teachers and based on their children’s interests.

Children spend 5 to 12 hours weekly doing activities outside of school

Their decisions on what activities should their children do are influenced by several factors like the convenience of location and choice of activities happening in the neighborhood, what is popular amongst other children, what they think their children should learn or do; and what their children say they prefer and wish to. To know more about how parents decide what their children should learn and do, we did an independent survey with a mixed group of Indian parents based in India & abroad, and here is what we found:

Parents lay a lot of emphasis on children’s interests

72% parents said they scout for activities based on their child’s interests

27% parents who say they scout for activities based on their child’s interests also consider identifying their Child’s Interest as the biggest Challenge

92% of all the parents who consider Identifying their Child’s Interest as the biggest challenge are also who either say “We know what our children want” or “Our Children know what they want”; Or “Specifically mention that their Influence is Interest based”

 Data Source: Online survey by Hatch Tact Innovations with a mixed group of Indian Parents based in India or abroad.

From the survey, it was evident that parents need help. While they lay a lot of emphasis on their child’s interest, they are constantly struggling with their own understanding and perception of what drives their children interests and how they can nurture these interests. To add to this trouble, the children’s education & services ecosystem in India that is exploding with an overwhelming number of options and offers; either spoils them silly with choices or leaves them completely confused.

There is no easy or objective way for parents to know what truly drives their children’s interests.

Since there is no easy or objective way for parents to understand what “truly” drives their children’s interests, parents let their decisions be influenced by convenience, popularity and ambitions. They over-schedule children to do more of what they should and can do and less of what they love and want to do. As a result, buried under all the peer and performance pressure, children often learn and grow without any real nurturing of interests.

With PiNWi, parents can easily map and manage their children’s ever evolving interests.

It is a way for them to help their children find a sweet spot – one where they love what they do, they do it well and it creates value in the real world. It is a step for parents to balance their approach by giving equal importance to interests along with aptitude and performance; and raise happier, more fulfilled children in the process.

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